Getting A Good Night’s Sleep in Knoxville TN

Getting A Good Night's Sleep in Knoxville TN

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep in Knoxville TN

I don’t think people realize how important good sleeping habits in Knoxville TN are. The things you do before bed and when you wake up drastically affect your hormones and health.

We have so many patients that wake up multiple times in the night or sleep only 5 hours. These are factors that I know are contributing to their dis-ease. What can you do though? It is actually the very little things that matter.

Tips For Sleeping Well in Knoxville TN

The following are some key contributors to sleep. Try to add these to your routine before bed: do not eat food within 2 hours of going to bed (especially sugar), do not workout within 2 hours of going to bed, make your lights less bright as bedtime nears, have less screen time immediately before bed (I know I suck at that one), and make sure to go to bed at the same time consistently. When sleeping, it’s best to be in complete darkness and have phone on silent away from the bed. Waking up in the morning is important as well. It is super important to get natural sunlight BEFORE phone light in our eyes in the morning. A good idea is to go for a walk in the morning before you do anything else. Making sure you add these to your daily habits can greatly impact the amount and quality of sleep that you get (a deeper REM sleep).

These habits can do all of this because they support certain hormones. We have a circadian rhythm that involves hormones to control how tired we are. Those hormones are best supported by those things that allow us to get the most out of our sleep, feel rested when we wake up with less brain fog, and stay awake throughout the day. Things like too much screen time before bed can mess with these hormones and send improper signals. What happens then? Sometimes you wake up 10 times in the night and sometimes you just feel like you didn’t sleep because you never really fell into a deep REM sleep. Making sure you do these simple things mean that you can get more sleep that is deeper, which can help your body recover, heal, and prepare for the next day.


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